Personal Training Pricing

  • $40 Session + taxes
    • Bulk Packages include GPP® Basic Membership
    • 4 Sessions/month: $140 ($35 each)
    • 8 Sessions/month: $240 ($30 each)
      3 to 6 month contract only
    • 12 Sessions/month: $300 ($25 each)
      3 to 6 month contract only

Personal Training

Are you looking to get back into the gym, but not sure about the direction you need to take? Not sure on what avenues are best to meet your own personal goals?

Here at GPP® we offer personalized training for peeps on an individual bases. No groups. No online plans that you have to decipher. Just straight forward, one-on-one personal training with one of our fine personal trainers.

Andrew will customize your weekly plan based on what you want to accomplished health and fitness wise. From strength building to cardio to general health they will make sure you are put on the right track from day one.

Not sure if this is for you? Come in, get a tour, and talk with one of our knowledgeable trainers about GPP, the program, and what we can offer YOU.


  • What is the difference between our NEW Personal Training Program and SPP (Specific Physical Preparedness)?

  • The difference is two-fold however it’s very simple. SPP does not incorporate a coach working with you on an individual one on one basis and the workouts are not a customized training program just for your goals. In SPP a group does the same workout each week whereas Personal Training will be customized and written specifically for you, which is similar to how our endurance athletes programming is planned, plus you will have a personal coach & scheduled meetings.