Whether you are interested in learning to swim for the first time, perfecting your technique, or gaining more speed through efficiency and better mechanics, GPP Endurance Swim lessons are for you!

GPP Coaches are experienced coaches that can teach first time swimmers how to get comfortable in the water and swim or get experienced athletes ready for competition. The GPP Endurance Swim Methodology is straight forward form mechanics that is easy to understand and experience.

Beginner Swim Lessons

We start where you are at!

  • 45 Minutes Lesson/$40

We understand that swimming can be a little frightening. It’s kind of interesting to think about but the fear of swimming is nothing more than a survival instinct. You may think that evolution has made us land animals only but I can tell you that evolution is lying to you! Just as you are right now, you are fully equipped to swim long distances in the water and all we need to do is teach you that swimming is nothing more than floating and then propelling that float. When learning to swim, your goal should be to swim relaxed and have relaxed breathing, not out of breath and tense, and that’s exactly what you will learn. In future lessons, you will learn the mechanics and form to propel that float with efficiency.

Triathlon Swimming lessons

It's all about Endurance Speed!

  • 45 Minutes Lesson/$40

Years of coaching triathletes have taught us that most competitors swim inefficiently with poor economy resulting in an exhausted swim or too much time in the water. Just like with beginner swim lessons, we start where you are at. Our coaches know how to find your biggest personal limiters in your swim. Whether it’s your float, head position, catch, kick, or whatever your first limiter is, that’s where we will start and then progress from there to make your swim the best it can be on race day! Our goal is to give you the best distance per stroke at an optimal stroke rate which results in great swim economy. If you have a desire to improve your swim time and your swim economy for competition, GPP Endurance Swim Lessons are for you!